Industry analysis presentation

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industry analysis presentation

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There is an accompanying growth for demands of fitness products particularly exercise apparels, shoes and equipment. Nike naturally is at the forefront of this surge in demand as people are looking for sports shoes, apparels and equipment. Society The largest among nikes objectives, the womens athletic market will be a top priority in the next ten years. The number of women collegiate athletes have increased from a few thousand in the 1960s to almost one million today. Technology Product technology must evolve as fitness evolves, in order to give competitors an advantage nike introduced nike shox, which revolutionized the cushioning foam used in shoes nike also collaborated with Apple and is launching new apparel and footwear that will easily carry the consumers. Technology Product innovation is an ongoing process and is vital to stay ahead of competition Companies in this industry invest money in r d to keep up with the new demands of todays athletes nike employs many specialists including engineers, athletes, biomechanics, and industrial designers. Competition The top 3 firms in this industry are nike, adidas, and Puma The industry is relatively old, so firms must fight for market share rather than relying on market growth.

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The biggest threat for nike would be economic recession. Asian economic crisis also affects nike since its goods are manufactured in australian Asia. The labor costs and material prices are going. Nikes growth is not just affected by the local economy but also in the international economy. a weak and euro and an Asian recession could mean weak sales for nike. Ethics In 1996, the ethical issue of child labor came to the surface regarding the hiring of young employees by nikes Asian and Latin subcontractors whose ages ranged from very young to teenagers. The teen workers would have not been so controversial; however, there were no regulations or work permits issued. Ethics Without proper management leading and planning in the nike corporation, the company would have suffered from the child labor issue. Nike has made a true bounce-back from the negative media attention, and continues to be successful due to their strong business ethic philosophy. Society people are more health conscious nowadays. Consequently, more and more people are joining fitness clubs.

Substitute products and services 3) Competitively priced substitutes impose a maximum value on prices relevant industry can charge for its products or services What is worth? Rivalry Among Participants Competitive rivalry This is the major determinant of the competitiveness of the industry. Sometimes rivals compete aggressively and sometimes rivals compete in non- price report dimensions such as innovation, marketing, etc. Rivalry Among Participants Generally competitive rivalry will be high if: There is little differentiation between the products sold between customers. Competitors are approximately the same size of each other If the competitors all have similar strategies. It is costly to leave the industry hence they fight to just stay in High fixed or storage costs, which encourages fast turnover of inventory. Rivalry Among Participants Market of Competitive rivalry. The Economy As the economy slows, consumer purchases are down.

industry analysis presentation

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Bargaining Power of buyers andSuppliers Power of buyers can be determined by supply. Demand and number of buyers Price sensitivity effects demand Customers more affected by price suppliers are more powerful when the ratio to buyers is more The vast range of products in the Athletic Apparel industry leads to a dissimilar amount of bargaining power for the. Substitute products and services The threat of substitute products The existence of close substitute products increases the propensity of customers to switch to alternatives in response to price increases. Substitute products and services Substitutes are a threat because: 1) They are an attractive alternative product or service, which customers can easily shift to if there are low switching costs. 2) The availability of substitutes invites customers to make price, quality and performance comparisons 3) Competitively priced substitutes impose a maximum value on prices relevant industry can charge for its products or services. Substitute products and services 1) They are an attractive alternative product or service, which customers can easily shift to if there are low switching costs. Substitute products and services 2) The availability of substitutes invites customers to make price, quality and performance comparisons caump higher?

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industry analysis presentation

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Reebok strategic Focus: to become a consumer-driven brand that reflects the emphasis on individuality. Athletes Endorsed by reebok: sidney crosby alexander ovechkin Allen iverson yao ming Thierry henry reebok partnerships: nfl nhl mlb. taylorMades Mission: to have the leading performance golf brands in the world. TaylorMade changed the game of golf by bringing the metalwood to the public 27 years ago, and today is the market leader in the metalwood category. Strive to continually extend their brands positions as leaders in the development and implementation of advanced performance technologies in all of their products including clubs, balls, footwear and apparel. Just to give you an idea of how well taylorMade is doing, they currently endorse 55 professional golfers, one of which is Sergio garcia, and as of February 17, 2009 he is ranked number two in world.

Adidas Group Financials Net Sales Nine months Nine months in Change millions Adidas 6,004 5,465.9 reebok 1,587 1,765 (10.1) taylorMade.8. Growth in Recent Decades nike and reebok set the standard nike gained popularity lurking competitors Adidas Group Under Armour. Industry weakening Internet skyrocketed sales in late 90s Upcoming companies took advantage of new technologies Sales have slumped tremendously in past year nike making 4 cut Under Armour stated that analysts estimates are far below earlier predictions. Threat of New Entrants Highly saturated and challenging industry depend in large part on first mover advantage and scale economies Areas to focus: Technologies, pricing, and costs of production. Innovator Sports Apparel and footwear industry relies mainly on innovations and creativity Innovative ideaskey success factor Company could have an advantage without proper funding and resources a firm could be at a severe disadvantage Threat of new entrants based on first- mover advantage is minimal. Economies of Scale difficult to compete with large economies of scale hard essay to handle all levels, more experienced firms are able to disperse new entrants suffer a severe cost disadvantage significant amount of assets needed.

Nike products They design, develop, and market high quality active sports apparel, equipment, and accessory products nike distributes one new shoe style every single day nikes critical factors for success are maintaining current standards, closer working relationships, and retaining customer loyalty by guaranteed standard. Nike products Their products are made for men, women, and children of all ages. The company presently sells roughly 300 models of athletic shoes in 900 styles for 25 different sports. Nikes target market for their shoes is males and females between 18 and 35 years old. Nike products They not only see competition from Adidas and reebok, but also with Old navy and Abercrombie and Fitch Continuous marketing research is the key in assessing the market. Nike expansion nike has success as a result of collaborating with other companies within the sports and fitness industry but at other times, nike expanded into markets for which it is not strategically suited nike has realized to initiate more aggressive programs to review product.

Nikes Biggest Competitor Consist of 3 companies: Adidas reebok taylorMade. Adidas Purpose: The production and distribution of apparel, footwear and equipment for sports and leisure as well as of products of adjoining fields, furthermore the commercialization of the registered trademark Adidas. Adidas Mission: to be the leading sports brand in the world. The Adidas brand attitude Impossible is nothing drives all of their brand communication initiatives and it helps them strengthen the Adidas brands bond with the consumer. reeboks Mission: Always challenge and lead through creativity. At the core of the reebok brand is the affirmation of the uniqueness of all people.

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Defining The Industry. Industry defined 20,000 retail accounts throughout the. Using independent distributors and book also has contracts with 110 other countries Also has agreements with Internet companies and subsidiaries Operates within the professional sports footwear and apparel market. Originally designing and producing running shoes, their portfolio has broadened to include a wide range of sports and leisure wear. This is all endorsed by top sporting personalities. Naics codes North American Industry Classification System The standard used by federal statistical agencies in classifying business establishments for the purpose of collecting, analyzing, and publishing statistical data related to the. Business economy The first two digits of code designate the sector, the third designates the subsector, the fourth digit designates the industry group, the fifth digit designates the naics industry, and sixth digit designates the. Naics codes Examplenaics codes Name Classification level 31-33 Manufacturing Sector leather and Allied 316 Subsector Product Manufacturing 3162 footwear Manufacturing Industry Group 31621 footwear Manufacturing Industry rubber and Plastics 316211. Detail Industry footwear Manufacturing.

industry analysis presentation

8: sheets Lighting Applications The final Battleground. A-9: Besanko, dranove, shanley, and Schaefer, Economics of Strategy (4th edition john Wiley sons, Inc., 2007. A-10: Lowes, cfl bulbs, _1! A-11: ge commercial Lighting Products, Where to buy, download ppt "five-forces Lighting Industry Analysis"). Successfully reported this slideshow. Nike industry analysis presentation, upcoming SlideShare, loading. Show More, no downloads, no notes for slide. Sports footwear and ApparelIndustry Analysis nike corporation Group 4: Josh Fernino Brent Hare victor Hemmati lance hollister Chris Kerschen ty parasiliti vincent Ukwu.

Academics, 08 Apr Web. A-4: "Lighting Controls Market in North America." Verify markets. P., 01 Sept Web. A-5: The path to 80 Percent Market Share for led lights. A-6: osram sylvania wins race to offer 100w-euivalent led a-lamp. A-7: osram sylvanias 100W-equivalent led bulb may be pick of the bunch.

Led lighting industry on path to securing up to 80 of market share for lighting by 2020 (A-5) Steady cost reductions and improved technology performance make new companies want to enter led lighting industry 10, new Threat example founded by former Philips Lighting ceo ludo. Newly released 100 w-equivalent led bulb Better quality lower price vertically integrated with solid positioning from house upstream chips to downstream lighting fixtures and applications 12, iii. Factors Affecting or Reflecting Pressure from Substitute Products and Support from Complements. Substitutes for light from conventional light bulbs Natural, ambient light Candles Lack of true substitutes in market is beneficial for lighting industry 13, brand Substitutes Substitutes erode profits in the same way as entrants by stealing business and intensifying internal rivalry (A-9) 14, viability. Generally in lighting industry, demand is price inelastic When the industry-level price is large, rising industry prices tend to drive consumers to purchase substitutes products (A-9) Among brands, demand is elastic Competition 16, complements Complements boost the demand for the product in question, thereby enhancing. Factors Affecting or Reflecting Power of Input Suppliers. Sales margins for lighting equipment manufacturers have been hurt by increased cost of raw materials (A-1) Suppliers of raw materials have power Price control 18, danger of Price Increase, more initiative on developing cheaper light bulbs Less expensive or fewer raw materials used Shift focus. Factors Affecting or Reflecting Power of buyers. Two main consumers Businesses Homeowners Businesses larger demand for lighting solutions Retail accenting Office work space 20 Pressure from buyers Because lack of pursued substitutes, buyers constant demand Steady consumer purchases of light bulbs Constant pressure on manufacturers to produce nationwide home improvement centers, lighting.

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1, five-forces Lighting Industry Analysis 2,. Factors Affecting rivalry Among Existing Competitors (A-1). Oligopolistic Market Major Producers Acuity Brands and Hubbell osram sylvania philips Lighting tcp international Zumtobel General Electric 3, the big Three osram sylvania philips Lighting General Electric 4, industry review Shifting Industry Trend, incandescent bulbs cfls led bulbs Market will consist of estimated 61 of led. Led competitors (A-2) Samsung lg sharp Cree veeco Why? 6, industry Growth overall from 2012 to 2017 projected to.8 on average (A-1) 7, race for Patents (A-4) 2000 to 2003 Company # of Patents Philips. Osram sylvania 41 ge 27 8, trend Setters (A-4) Color-changing bulbs Motion-sensing bulbs. Brightest energy-saving bulbs 9,. Factors Affecting the Threat of Entry.

industry analysis presentation
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