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pre med resume

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At this stage in the game, you want to write a functional-chronological resume. Because these are the type of resume that make an "argument" for your abilities and are especially useful when beginning a career or transitioning between careers. Essentially, this type of resume captures both your work history and experience, as well as the work qualities that you bring to the position. It is organized in reverse chronological order (from newest to oldest) with the following basic headings: Education, certification, work/Volunteer/Research Experience (use one, two, or three as needed Organizations, skills, Interests, honors/Awards. Certification, interests, skills, interests and awards are optional - if you've got them, use them. Format, the format of a resume is perhaps the most important single aspect that you can manipulate in your favor. The visual impact is critical, and you want to make the most of highlighting resources.

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Grammar, the two biggest grammatical mistakes people make in their resumes vinyl are tense and parallelism. Put all your bullets in past tense if the activity is finished, present tense if its ongoing. Make sure you stay consistent within that activity. Parallelism means making sure all items in a list are the same: Lacking parallelism: "She likes cooking, jogging, and to read. parallel: "She likes cooking, jogging, and reading. parallel: "She likes to cook, jog, and read.". It seems simple, but its easy to muck it up when your list is long and complex. Make sure youre not mixing nouns and verbs, gerunds and infinitives, etc. Whether youre revising your pre-med resume or just getting started, i hope this advice will help you avoid common pitfalls and stand out from the stack of other applications. If you adhere to my tips, i guarantee youll produce a document that shows you as both qualified and distinct. Click here to download a sample pre-med resume).

Do not frustrate admissions committees or employers with convoluted or cluttered ideas. Here are two ways to achieve clarity in your resume: Formatting, book be consistent with layout, including how you list dates/hours. If you italicize the names of titles/positions, do it every time. If you align the dates to the left margin, do it every time. If you start bullets with action verbs (recommended do it every time. I like.75 margins all around, times New Roman font, and 10-11 font size, but again, its all about consistency. Leave enough space between the information on the page so that it doesnt appear like one huge block of text. In other words, let things breathe a bit. Hint: Its easier to do this once youve cut the fluff in 3!

pre med resume

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Assigned new responsibilities of training recent hires and resumes creating orientation manuals. Ran promotional campaign that tripled our clubs active membership. Garnered over half of the companys referrals during the last two years. Updated and improved the labs protocols to cut costs by more than half. If possible, support these bullets with quantitative evidence and stats (EX: raised membership by 50, trained 50 employees, etc). This paperwork data will show a lot about your contributions without taking up too much space. Tip 5 - clarity is king.

Remember that many parts of an activity/job description arent important for your reader to know. Lets consider the following bullet: Responsible for preparing and maintaining study participants records and case files, including documentation such as personal and eligibility information, services provided, contacts, and relevant correspondence. This stuff is important for you to know in your role, but to your audience, it boils down to this: Responsible for maintaining participants case files. Whats important is that you were entrusted with sensitive information. All you need is one line. Tip 4 - show your trackable progress. When building your pre-med resumes argument, you want to show that you thrived within your different roles and were recognized for your contributions. Trackable progress can be any number of things: Earned promotion within first three months of working for Lab xyz.

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pre med resume

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These are just the sprinkles and cherries on top. Try narrowing these down to the most significant and personally meaningful. Do your best to be objective, think from your audiences perspective, and consider whether an activity will build your pre-med argument or not. Tip 3 - important cut the fluff! Its tricky for pre-meds, especially at first, to know whether something is necessary to include. But heres the truth: less is more. As someone who reads countless atlanta resumes, i cant tell you how refreshing it is when I see a clean, concise, streamlined document.

One page is great, and you should have a ceiling of two pages (one page front and back). But I really want them to get a full picture of me! But you can still be convincing in a small amount of space. Your readers are savvier than you think, and theyll be able to absorb a lot from a 1-2 page resume. Here are some good constraints to put on yourself: Maximum of four bullet points for an experience. Keep each bullet to one line of text (two lines if necessary).

These categories will show labs that youre qualified for the demands of the job, but dont forget to also include a few things that make you distinct. Perhaps you speak multiple languages, or have experience using sophisticated equipment thats relevant to the lab. If youre giving the resume to letter writers, consider the context of your relationship with them. If they know you as a student, maybe provide a list of non-academic experiences that show you applying concepts/components from that class. If they know you as a student leader, show them experiences youve had as a leader within clinics and labs outside of campus.

Give them relevant material that will supplement their assessment of you. When youre compiling a resume for the general application and interviews, it gets harder to filter down your experiences. However, its much better to establish depth and solidify a certain niche for yourself, rather than scatter their perception of you with a list of unrelated activities. You might give your resume a clear focus on public health, bioengineering, psychiatry, or clinical research. The possibilities are as endless as the different pre-med paths. Not everyone has such a clear vision or correlation between experiences, but its great if you can make yourself look like a mini-specialist. The Education category should be brief (dont list high school). Include all colleges attended (most recent first gpas, and honor distinctions (like cum laude). Supplemental categories like awards and skills should be kept to a minimum.

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This means that you cant use the same general resume youd dillard use for any job. Theres no one-size-fits-all approach to creating a pre-med summary resume. Recognizing the context/goals will help you filter out extraneous stuff and highlight whats most relevant to your readers. Tip 2 - use relevant categories to make your argument. Lets say youre about to graduate and want to fill your gap year with a job in research. Rather than submitting your general pre-med resume (basically all of your amcas work/activities you should focus on prior research experience, education, leadership, and teaching/training roles. List these categories and experiences in order of relevance, not chronology (but most recent is often most relevant anyway).

pre med resume

Organize experiences by type (think: like-colored lines). By trying to present every bit of information, you merely distort what should be the stand-out experiences. With this focus in mind, here are our best tips for writing your pre-med resume: Tip 1 - think of your pre-med resume as an argument. Use your resume to make a clear, targeted argument toward your current goal. It like might be a resume for a coveted research or leadership position along your pre-med path. It might be a resume you give to your letter of recommendation writers to guide what they include in their letters. It might be the final resume that you submit with your application and bring with you to interviews.

search and Selective attention, sydney, australia. Leadership/volunteer baltimore fire Station, baltimore md volunteer Firefighter, Spring 2011-Present Johns Hopkins University, balitmore md tutor, fall 2010-Present biology and chemistry campus Outreach President, fall 2010 Relay for Life fundraiser; participant, fall 2009 skills/interests certified Lifeguard, Fluent in Dutch and Spanish, cooking, communication, Writing, management. Its the same information, but its better organized and easier to see the trends. Your resume should reflect a similar focus and organization.

Deans List: 6 semesters, experience, american Cancer Society, atlanta ga, intern, summer 2011, conducted literature searches, prepared manuscripts and writing conducted analytical processes of data using sas. Assistedthe managing director with current research projects. Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center Sleep Clinic, baltimore. Neurologist, Spring 2011, observed and noted specific skill sets from rounds and diagnosis discussions. Johns Hopkins Hospital, baltimore, md, department of Cardiac Surgery, fall 2010, shadowed and focused on a variety of cardiac and thoracic surgeries as well as doctors in the cardiac surgery intensive care unit. Research, summer Training as Research Scholars (Stars boston ma, blood research, summer 2010 Researched in the biomedical laboratories of the division of Graduate medical Sciences for ten weeks. Found 23 pages of findings and presented the highlights of these findings at the closing symposium. Children's Hospital Research foundation, cincinnati oh developmental biology, summer 2009 Researched molecular and developmental biology with modern and innovative equipment as supervised by the division faculty members. Johns Hopkins University, baltimore md undergraduate research Assistant, Spring 2009 developmental genetics of Tribolium castaneum Advisor: Phillip reeves,.

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348 Lilac Blvd Flagstaff, Arizona 86032. Phone: (555) Email: Objective statement, report passionate, research-driven student looking to gain the necessary skills at xyz medical School to begin a career in biomedical research. Education, johns Hopkins University, baltimore, md, bachelor of Science, biology pathogenesis, immunity. Graduated may, 2012, gPA:.64, university of Oxford, oxford, uk, study Abroad, 2010. Cellular neurobiology, genetics, systems biology, freedom High School, baltimore, md, high School Diploma, 2008. Gpa:.9 Top 10 of Class of 530 students. Awards/Honors, surf program, Philadelphia pa, summer Undergraduate research Fellowship, biomedical Research. Summer 2011, baltimore medical Society wellington Scholarship, baltimore, md, presented biophysics research, september 2010, awarded 12,000 toward tuition.

pre med resume
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  1. Many students believe that their resume for medical school is not something that is given a lot of attention in terms of how medical schools.

  2. Want to see that you have excelled in education (whether it was premed or not). At this stage in the game, you want to write a functional-chronological r esume. Because these are the type of resume that make an argument. Johns Hopkins has an example of what a good med school resume template would look like.

  3. Sample Action Verbs-These can be used in any type of resume. Chron ological Resumes; Curriculum Vitaes. Remember, this is a med school resume, not one for a job.

  4. Question of the week: The Pre-med Resume. Friday, feb 10, 2017. Quest ion: i ve registered for the aamc virtual fair and look forward. Pre-medical students sometimes pursue work opportunities and extra curricular activities they lack interest in to puff up their medical school.

  5. By: ryan Kelly The medical school application process can be crypt ic, and the resume is no different. What do admissions committees want. Sample resume for a student seeking admission to medical school.

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