Typing notes vs writing notes

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typing notes vs writing notes

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And for dynamic typing. Some people have counterarguments as to why these are not real benefits. I will go through some of them. Myth: The cost of runtime type information in speed or memory is not significant, especially with todays hardware. In general keyboard-speed applications, the cost of runtime type information is not significant. But in core loops, it can be huge. Because it is not just a matter of checking the types, which itself can be very costly in a loop.

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Myth: Dynamic typing allows for faster prototyping due to not having to write down side types which change often during prototyping. This myth stems from the belief that types in dynamically typed languages dont have to be written down at all, while types always have to be written in statically typed languages. And this is absolutely false! First of all, even though you dont have to declare the types of variables and functions in dynamically typed languages, you still write down some types. Whenever you make a class, declare fields or english methods of a class, or specify inheritance relationships, you are creating and/or specifying types. Secondly, type information does not need to be specified in statically typed languages that include type inference. Many languages with type inference like ml and Haskell are specifically designed so that you dont have to write down any types. The only exceptions are enumeration-like data structures (i.e. Tagged unions) which have runtime values. So the difference between the amount of type information you must write depends greatly on the language itself, not whether that language has static or dynamic typing. So we are down to the following for static typing.

Because you are restricted. Restricted by the definition of the c language which does not know anything about your cool new machine instruction to factor large numbers and break your grammas closely-guarded rsa-encrypted banana nut bread recipes. However, anything you can write in c, you can obviously write in assembly. So c is a special case, or subset, of assembly. In other writing words, the more powerful language is the one that is the subset. And this does not depend on the specifics of the language. So in the case of dynamic. Static typing, dynamic typing is actually more powerful. I alluded to this already by the fact that dynamic typing abstracts away types by pushing them down into the runtime system.

typing notes vs writing notes

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Its true that dynamic typing is a special case of static typing. This can be seen by simply creating a tagged union where each branch is a different possible runtime type. Then make every expression in your language a value of this type. Voila — dynamic typing. However, it does not follow that this makes static typing more review powerful. To see this more clearly, lets use a simpler example. C is more powerful than assembly. But there are things you can write in assembly that you simply can not write.

Programs are simpler since i dont have to worry about types. Things are often coerced implicitly making my programs more concise, and I dont have to use really abstract things like type variables and higher-order types. In other words, they have been abstracted away by being pushed down to a place i dont have to think about. Faster prototyping due to not having to write down types which change often during prototyping. There are a few claimed benefits, however, which are not true. Allow me to refute. Myth: Static typing is more powerful/expressive since dynamic typing is a special case, or subset, of static typing where everything is tagged.

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typing notes vs writing notes

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Here are some claimed benefits. Reduced cpu usage since types dont need to be checked at runtime. Reduced memory usage since types dont need to be stored at runtime. Other type-directed optimizations, discovery of errors as early report as possible, for all my code. Static typing is more powerful/expressive since dynamic typing is a special case, or subset, of static typing where everything is tagged.

Now lets look at the claimed benefits of dynamic typing. Easier to run and test since there are practically no compile-time or link-time errors. Programs are not limited by the expressiveness of the type system of the language —. Heterogeneous data structures w/o explicit tagging. Allows for implicit open recursion, late binding, dynamic scope, and duck typing.

Directorpoint works directly with boards of directors, who gather to review documents and make decisions that can affect companies or systems at scale. These board members need to be able to quickly view documents, make notes, add suggestions, and review upcoming events. Our board software helps to achieve that. Dont know what board software is? You can download our free white paper here. For board meetings, tablets can help a board member complete all of the necessary tasks, while offering benefits of being lightweight. .

They are easy to take to meetings, which might often happen at a university campus, or in a bank building boardroom. In contrast to board meetings, other meetings might be creative meetings, where professionals are gathering to work together on a project or presentation. They might be writing grants, or putting together video content, and need to have different software and the ability to multi-task. Generally speaking, if your meetings are creative meetings (both in meeting to brainstorm and to actually create new things laptops are still the way. In a near future, that may change, as tablets keeping getting better and price points have consistently stayed below powerful laptops. Did you find this article helpful? Like this article below, and share with anyone who might be deciding on buying a new tablet or laptop for their professional lifestyle). Being thoroughly trained in ml, i understand the benefits of static typing.

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Tablets are objectively smaller and lighter than laptops, so they are easier to carry around. They trade size and weight for less powerful computing and hardware. If your meetings are typically held in your workplace, theres really no reason to not have a laptop available. The laptop will give you a much wider range of tools. If your meetings are held in an association business office or boardroom, there is a distinct advantage to grabbing your small tablet essay and leaving a bulkier laptop behind. What kind of meeting are you attending? Weve alluded to this question throughout the article, but offer it really matters. What are your meetings about, and what is your role?

typing notes vs writing notes

It will also offer wider compatibility with software needed to complete your tasks. If your meeting is one where you may be: Opening links to online resources. Downloading and making notes on documents. Navigating calendars, reviewing spreadsheets, a tablet can do all of this and much more. How important is the size of your computer? How far do you need to go to attend your meeting? Is the meeting being held at your workplace, or somewhere else?

Compared to a tablets on-screen keyboard, typing is significantly faster on a keyboard. So, the advantage depends on the amount of words that you need to type. If, during the meeting, you will be actively editing information in a presentation, or adding to a longer document, the keyboard may prevail. If instead, the meeting is more of a summary setting, and you are simply reviewing information or making decisions about already-prepared materials, tablet on-screen keyboards can suffice without any trouble. What level of performance or variety of software do you need? Price points come into play here, as a higher-end tablet can compete with the processing power of a mid-tier laptop. However, the application of the hardware is what counts. Generally speaking, in terms of true multi-tasking, laptops continue to outperform tablets ( although higher end fruit tablets are catching up, fast ).

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As computer technology gets smaller, faster, and more powerful, professionals are finding themselves with more options for the modern workplace. . Specifically, technology companies are developing better tablets which could replace the traditional laptop computer for the professional on the. So the question becomes, in the tablet vs laptop showdown, which tool is the most effective for meetings? Main Differences Between Tablets and Laptops. Lifewire has a great article detailing some key characteristics to keep in mind when purchasing a tablet or a laptop. For the purposes of this article, talking about the effectiveness of a tablet vs laptop in a meeting, we chose 3 characteristics (plus a bonus 4th Input Method, performance / Software, size, what kind of meeting are you attending? Which input short method for typing do you need? Input method refers to the way a user enters information into the computer or tablet. For longer information entry (email, document preparation laptops keyboards are ultimately more effective.

typing notes vs writing notes
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home in pa a week later and Im working in front of my laptop, checking my phone, typing notes on my ipad, watching some tv at night. They might be writing grants, or putting together video content, and need to have different software and the ability to multi-task. found that students who took notes in a journal by hand were able to better comprehend than students who took notes on their laptops.

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  1. Focused Man wearing headphones, writing, notes, studying With Laptop, serious Student Or Office worker. 1 Things like validating if the users input is a correct email address is not really considered understanding what the user. My student conducts much of his typing in Apple's Notes app and Follow Focus works great!).

  2. apps like google keep and evernote make the task of writing points, checklists and other notes simpler and intuitive over the years. Members of unimported packages will still show up in suggestion list after typing dot after package name. to take notes by hand has shown that the act of handwriting forces us to summarize and paraphrase information, contrary to the act. Writing a card or a letter instead of typing can remind you of a likely simpler time.

  3. Dynamic- typing advocates claim that writing down types is a hindrance, especially during prototyping. who wrote notes long hand as opposed to typing them down wrote less information than students who typed their notes, but they were able. While writing this article, i gathered my thoughts through a version of the same principle: having collated my notes onscreen,.

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