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Wants to prevent disease rather than treat disease. Prefers to say "No" to drugs whenever possible, and understands that too many drugs and toxins cause illness. Wants to spend time with the doctor to explore treatment options and have her questions answered (most veterinarians spend 5-10 minutes per visit, whereas our typical visit is 30 minutes long). Appreciates our respect for her pet health budget and works with us to formulate the best treatment plan that falls within her budget. We offer integrative care for all pets, including birds, small mammals, and reptiles. We are known for helping pets with numerous medical disorders including diseases of the gastrointestinal system, urogenital system, musculoskeletal system, and nervous system.

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During surgery the pet is monitored by the doctor, two assistants, and modern monitoring equipment to allow early detection of any problems that might occur (problems rarely occur during our holistic anesthesia.) cause many surgeries can cause pain, we use multimodal analgesia(pain-killing) techniques. Using several drugs and even natural therapies allows your pet to experience surgery free of pain; this technique also allows lower doses of anesthetics, making anesthesia even safer! If you are ready to experience true health the way nature intended, and want to minimize the use of conventional medications for your pets, we invite you to join our family. Since traditional medicine alone doesn't heal, but only makes the pet feel better, we integrate many different therapies to treat the whole pet, not just the disease. A large number of our patients have seen 1 or more doctors for help before finding. Often these pets have been taking numerous medications for months or years with no real healing. In many cases it seems like it's more about paper making money than healing the pet. Is focused on health, prefers to eat healthy, including organic food. Prefers natural medicines for her family, including her pets. Thinks of her pets as her children and demands excellent care for them and all family members.

No pet is too old for proper pet care, including properly chosen anesthesia. We are happy to help these higher risk cases who also need the best health care. R most procedures, such as dental cleanings and the removal of small tumors, deep anesthesia is not needed and not given. We give just enough anesthesia/sedation to keep your pet quite, restful, and pain-free during the procedure. The pet than awakens fully aware of its surroundings and is discharged shortly following the procedure so it can go home and resume its normal daily activities. Oper monitoring is important. I know many doctors do not monitor their patients while under empire anesthesia. This is malpractice and will eventually result in an unnecessary death of a patient. At our hospital your pet is monitored from the time it enters the hospital until it is discharged.

resume writers in dallas tx

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We are the only hospital in the area to offer blood testing for early diagnosis of cancer in healthy pets. We focus on anti-aging medicine and also offer holistic anesthesia. Clients of our older patients love these 2 services as we can help our mature patients live longer and healthier lives and perform anesthesia and surgery safely without the fear that often accompanies anesthesia of "older pets.". So what makes our approach, that we call holistic anesthesia, unique and even safer? 1.We select the best and safest anesthetic to fit your pets unique health. Unlike many doctors who use the same anesthesia for just about every case, we choose the best anesthetic to meet your pets need at the time anesthesia or sedation is needed. We make our choice based upon the pre-anesthetic evaluation, which could include a thorough examination, laboratory testing, presence or absence of disease, age, prior anesthetic experiences, patient history, and elctrocardiogram. 2.we are not afraid of anesthesia. So often we hear that another doctor refuses anesthesia because the pet is too old or too sick.

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resume writers in dallas tx

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I am a pain in the butt client and. Shawn is always willing to never call me up and talk to me about things. If you care about your pets, do the research and take your pet. Shawn to give your pet the best care possible that he knows how. These comments make me very happy, as the confirm my decision 25 years ago when I started our hospital.

I had 2 simple goals-provide the best care for pets in North Texas, using the most natural and holistic approach possible, and to invite clients to become part of our family and get personalized care. Because we only see a few patients each day, you and your pet are never a number but are real and special individuals. We strive to meet all of your needs and welcome you anytime you need our help. Paws claws Animal Hospital and Holistic Pet Center is the only fully integrative holistic pet hospital offering natural care for pets in the north Texas area. Open since 1991, we offer natural therapies for our patients that fit with our health care goals: say no to drugs except when absolutely necessary, work to heal the sick pet rather than make it simply feel better by masking its symptoms with strong medications. We focus on diet and supplements (many made specifically for our hospital) including herbs and homeopathics, and offer physical therapies such as electroacupuncture and cold laser therapy. Pets are rarely vaccinated (we use blood titer testing to determine if pets need vaccines) and rarely receive chemical flea and tick preventive medications, resulting in improved health and life expectancy.

His staff is always courteous and compassionate. I am a very happy customer! Went thru 4 vets before i found him and my dogs have been seeing him for 7 years now. One of my dogs had been dealing with cancer and. Shawn and his entire staff have been wonderful.

He even gave me his cell and house number to call on the weekends if there were problems. I love his staff and they are very nice. I got my 2 dogs right before the pet food scare where pets where dying from dry dog food. I then started researching the benefits of raw and reading a lot more about how to care for my dog in the best way possible. I ordered many books about holistic ways for dogs and didnt even realize i had one. I moved back to texas where i have always lived with other dogs and went to many different vets for my dogs I had prior to my 2 new ones. I was very blessed to have found. He focuses on preventative care for your dogs and he is always continuing his education on medicine and holistic therapies.

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Someone so passionate and knowledgeable is rare. Im impressed that he isnt more concerned about making money off of you rather than truly helping you the best way he can. Shawn Messonnier and his staff have been treating my 2 dachshunds for over 6 years now. I chose paws claws healthy Animal Hospital specifically for their holistic approach to veterinary care. Im thrilled that they offer blood titers, which reduced the amount of vaccines my boys receive each year. I also appreciate the fact that i friendship am offered both holistic and conventional therapies. Weve dealt with issues from back injuries to allergies and have used holistic and conventional medicines to treat them. Messonnier spends a great deal of time with me on each visit making sure that i understand his treatment plan and am able to voice concerns or ask questions.

resume writers in dallas tx

With an management aging and ailing cat who is a faithful patient at Rutherford Vet Hospital in fair Park, i was looking for a holistic approach to compliment the traditional care rutherford provides him. Messonnier's care for george (my old man kitty cat) was perfect. Knowing that I wasn't leaving Rutherford, but rather looking for an extension of care,. M prescribed george supplements to help with his chronic digestive issues. We instantly saw an improvement in george's day-to-day health and happiness. Shawn has completely blown me away with his sincerity and care for my zoe. As a 1st time pup Mom to a now 3 month old Yorkie terrier, i have had tons of questions and. Shawn has always been quick to respond to me via email, since i havent been able to come in the office yet.

that not everyone finds up at these stages. Many of our patients are considered "hopeless" by conventional doctors, who often refer these pets to us for a "last hope at treatment.". While we can never make guarantees, we have helped (and yes, even cured and saved) many of these "hopeless" cases. We have many success stories of pets for whom conventional medicine offered no help, but by offering integrative care these pets lived many months or even years beyond their expected prognosis. We love helping these pets, knowing that many patients are saved when we work with them to effect a successful treatment or cure. Here are a few of the many positive reviews we receive from our clients. The only truly holistic vet in town,. Messonnier runs this hospital in Plano.

Shawn, what is your specialty? What makes your hospital different?". Legally i can't call my self a specialist (even though my clients and many of my colleagues consider what I do a specialty) since there is no board-certification program for holistic, naturopathic, and functional medicine. However, i can answer that question. Our "specialty" involves 2 things: we are the only hospital in North Texas offering and Functional Medicine for all pets (dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and small mammals.). Functional medicine focuses on the function of the patients cells, using and individualized approach to promote health and return sick patients to healthy as quickly as possible. The practices of functional medicine are useful both for healthy patients (to improve their health) as well as for those suffering from illness, especially chronic illness, to return them to health. Functional medicine uses diet, supplements, herbs, and homeopathics to improve the health of cells in order to facilitate healing. By reviewing a history of the pets lifestyle, prior diseases, and diet, we carefully fine-tune our recommendations rather than recommending the same health plan or treatment regimen for every patient.

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St Vet in Dallas, north Texas, and Plano by local pet owners! Outstanding Client Satisfaction,. You are ready to say no to Unnecessary Use of Medications, Chemicals, and Vaccines, and ready to say yes to Improving the health of your Pet, we invite you to call Us and Become a member of our Family! We are excited to be the only hospital in North Texas offering complete natural medicine for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and small animals. While we do offer conventional therapies such as conventional medications and surgery (using our unique holistic anesthetic approach we excel in many natural therapies including herbs, homeopathics, acupuncture, and cold laser. Affordable care-no matter how good the care, if you can't afford it your pet can't benefit. We have a wide range of clients, from those who are minimum wage employees all the way to to those who are multimillionaires. We can craft a treatment plan for your pet based upon your budget. We want to help all of our patients, so life we welcome your input into the plan that is best for your pet and your wallet!

resume writers in dallas tx
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